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类  型油画

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佛心法雨 Sakyamuni 80x160cm 60000 2004  已收藏 Has been collected


Chen Xiang Dong was born in Guizhou in 1968. He graduated from Dianzhai national highschool, in the rural village of Miao, from where he draws his inspiration for nature. After establishing a successful practice he relocated to Shanghai, and is now represented in numerous collections and is a frequently commissioned painter.His themes, in oils and watercolor, span Buddhist iconography, natural forms and cultural symbols that are influenced by his interest in meditation practices.
每个人都有自己的影子,都是自己的影子,有的活在自己的影子里,有的活在别人的影子里。。。。。。”比如创作画,我们心识的影像即想法情感的投射表达在画布上而以。也就是大家对事物的善与恶,美与丑,憎与爱的觉受。一幅好的艺术作品往往会憾动,触击我们内        心感受。并展开联想。从精神领域即意识形态里得到共鸣和升华。一本佛家经典,一幅清凉庄严之佛像,如果与之默契,它能给予你宁静和力量。。。。。。
It will be recalled that a child, with the moonlight, the Summer Night, the children enjoy the play, bathed in moonlight, enjoy nature's gift. Let Jiaojie Moonlight Dangdi pure children of the self-cleansing of the soul. 
Mengdong the childhood I always wanted to escape, under the moonlight Nachuan the long shadow of our own, regardless of my sprints, walking. . . . . . It's always closely with and inseparable in death. As the hours I have a shadow on the inner sense of fear. Too many do not understand, has been lingering in the high-long trip I grew up with. . . . . . 
Spring Festival this year, Ou Yu-kai margin feel really listen to the wisdom of the monks on the life of a show. Childhood shadow of the fans finally resolved, "all this is that we know the role of heart. Edge and under the outer edge of the realizable. 
Everyone has their own shadow, is his shadow, and some live in their shadow, some living in the shadow of others,. . . . . . "For example, creative painting, the image of our hearts know that the idea of emotional expression in the projection canvas on which to. That is, all the things good and evil, Meiyu Chou, loathe and love the feel. Works of art are often a good Will deeply moving, tap our feelings. And launched Lenovo. From the spirit of areas that have resonance in the ideology and sublimation. A Buddhist classics, and a cooler of the solemn Buddha, with the tacit understanding that it can give you quiet and Forces 。。。。。。 
Daci out, with body Taibei; invisible elephant, love scratch Buddha ... This is what people care about and care for close to the natural environment. . . . . . Causes of Health Causes out impermanence of all, I suffer empty, clean Nirvana. . . . . . Buddha heard this great wisdom of the ancients great, Xingshen ah! Close to the feel very happy, this is my theme of the origins of Buddhist art. Is willing to share with you the heart moved and joy. And wish you all the Buddha often in the cool, full rich, wisdom growth, Amitabha! 
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